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Fully insured and compliant with the latest Health and Safety regulations Advance
Generators professional team are equipped to deal with the needs of all businesses and
including Commercial, Public Sector, Hospitals, Airports, Food Distribution
Emergency Services and Military Applications.


The Environment
With todays changing global climate, terrorist threats and ageing unreliable power
distribution system it has never been more important to protect yourself from commercial
risk and in most cases no power means no business.
Advance Generators can help.


Pioneering the use of Oil sampling many years ago we are able to save Planet and the
Customers budget by testing and extending the oil change schedule.
When the time comes to change and dispose we are
Registered Hazardous Waste Carriers
and all materials are disposed
of in a legal and appropriate manner.
All our Service Vans are compliant with the latest Euro 4 Legislation and will not incur
pollution charges until at least 2012 again saving the environment and keeping our
operating costs to a minimum .

Diesel Generator Servicing
Our services include Service Agreements,
load testing ( live and dummy),
New and Used sales, Generator installations,
Panel Refurbishments using Deep Sea
Electronics Equipment,
24hr callout, Oil Sampling,
Set Removals and Installs to difficult and
inaccessible locations and Refuelling.


Estabished in 1992
We are known for honest straight forward servicing. Our tailor made
service agreements ensure our promise to you is kept.
We promise to maintain your
emergency standby diesel backup generator to the highest possible standard at the best
possible price.

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